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Switchgear production for several branches by Blumenbecker

Certified quality: standards and regulations

Quality is a top priority at Blumenbecker. We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and SCCP and have an in-house continuous improvement process to drive process and interface optimisation.

Testing and certifications at our test shop

We don't just certify our quality; we also certify our products and services. Highly skilled personnel in our independent test shop perform tests and inspections in conformity with all major standards and regulations.

UL-certified testing

We manufacture and test products also to UL requirements and are authorised to apply UL labels to our switchgear.

Other testing and certifications:

  • Testing to BGV A3 (accident prevention regulations for electrical equipment)
  • VDE and DIN   
  • Testing to UVV (accident prevention regulations)
  • State regulations
Head Office Pune
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