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Switchgear production for several branches by Blumenbecker

Plant control at a glance

Check your plant status at a glance with process visualisation installed at your control console. Our visualisation solutions present a visual image of the plant’s operating processes as they happen. Actual data and setpoint values are dynamically updated and clearly displayed on the screen. This greatly facilitates the control process, especially when complex operating systems are involved. Access to graphic images reduces operating malfunctions and helps you to cut down on staff training periods.

Are you interested in optimising your production rates by installing new control technology, automating your warehouse management system or exchanging data between the MPC systems and the production unit?

Then we have the expertise you need. We can provide visualisation solutions for management information systems, control consoles, operator stations and so on based on our own PLC and visualisation equipment. We can also install man-machine communication technology based on SCADA systems such as:

  • WinCC
  • InTouch
  • RSView

Programming and software solutions

We program controllers for many sectors of industry. Our solutions cover every aspect of automation and are manufacturer-independent. We help you design and build new technical installations and modernise existing ones.

User-specific software solutions

  • Programming applications in C++, SQL, Java, VB/ VBA, and more
  • Database applications
  • Process data acquisition systems
  • Level 2 automation
  • Microprocessor programming for special machines
  • Interfacing your application with third-party systems
  • Interface adaptation, bus and network interfaces

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