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Inspection service from Blumenbecker with DGUV V3 regulations

Your partner of choice when it comes to switchgear testing

The machines and equipment have been installed and commissioned, the supplier goes through the hand-over routine and promptly leaves the site. So what happens next? Now it is up to the plant operator to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly and efficiently. And for many this means a series of pitfalls and headaches – often caused by legislative requirements and insurance conditions. In the worst case scenario a machine can breakdown and the entire production line can even come to a halt.

Regular inspection and servicing can help detect machine irregularities and resolve potential malfunctions before the production plant is put at risk.

Our service team can carry out this inspection work for you to the latest technical standards. You do not have to worry about dates and deadlines, as we will notify you automatically after a preset time that an inspection is soon due. Then you only have to name the day that best suits your production schedule.

In Germany every company is now legally required to ensure that all its electrical plant and equipment is periodically tested in accordance with DGUV V3 regulations.

The following measures are defined under the terms of DGUV V3:

  • Original commissioning inspection in compliance with DIN VDE 0100-600
  • Periodic inspection in compliance with DIN VDE 0105-100
  • Inspection of portable equipment in compliance with DIN VDE 0701/0702
  • Inspection of equipment in compliance with DIN VDE 0113 and EN60204

Failure to comply with these instructions may have serious consequences: loss of insurance cover, criminal prosecution and claim for compensation against those responsible in the event of damage or loss. In such cases the legislator will want to see a complete and continuous inspection record.

Our range of services: Equipment inspection and much more

In addition to the prescribed programme of regular inspections we also provide additional services, including:

  • analysis and certification of industrial networks
  • electrical thermal imaging
  • maintenance, servicing and upgrades

All the benefits at a glance

No tie-up of resources and fixed cost increase by own personnel.

We automatically perform all the periodic inspections for you.

All the inspection protocols are stored in a database and can be retrieved for you at any time for presentation to the authorities and insurance companies.

We have a high degree of knowledge about your requirements, your machines, your installations and your staff: there is no need for any detailed induction process or clarification of interfaces.

We will handle the servicing and accountability side of things, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Thermal imaging of your switchgear

Nearly one third of all industrial fires are caused by the overheating of electrical equipment. Our thermal imaging searches provide an early warning of heat pockets in your switchgear systems, thereby reducing equipment failure rates by 80%. You benefit through:

  • early detection of potential risks and vulnerabilities
  • increased plant availability
  • avoidance of consequential loss

So set a date with our technicians as soon as possible before a damaging event comes your way.

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