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Series production of wind turbines in India

Wind park and solar units from 50 up to 100 MW

Blumenbecker KAT is in fine fettle, relishing the latest opportunity to show what it can do with a big order from a major European wind turbine manufacturer.

Wind power is one of the most important sources of renewable energy and is increasingly being harnessed in countries whose infrastructure is not yet fully developed, as it is reasonably priced and never runs out. The market is developing accordingly, and now Blumenbecker KAT Automation Ltd in Pune, India, has made sure it will have a piece of the pie.

“We’ve been producing switchgear for renewable energies for three years now, so we have quite a bit of experience,” says Athang Kale, Senior Executive Business Development for Blumenbecker KAT. “So far we have built wind parks and solar units of up to 50 MW. The capacity for the new order will be up to 100 MW.”

There was a long trial phase prior to the order being confirmed. After a firm of consultants recommended Blumenbecker KAT to the Spanish manufacturer, the manufacturer conducted a detailed audit of the company’s processes before finally placing the order. “Our new customer is expanding their production capacity in India,” explains Kale. “Quality standards and certifications like CE, UL and GL are very important to them and they audited everything meticulously to confirm that we were fully certified.”

Production to international standards

Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik GmbH in Beckum helped with finding Indian products that matched the parts that had already been built into the switchgear imported from Europe and China. The first prototypes were built there too, then sent to Spain for testing. Once approval was given in Spain, Blumenbecker KAT began series production in May this year. Twenty switchgear units will have been produced by October, all destined for wind turbines in India. As some of the units to be produced in the future will be exported, Kale says they are taking all the relevant international standards into account from the start.

The tight time frames have been a challenge, particularly the need to find parts suppliers in India. “As well as finding suppliers, we had to ensure that prices would not increase in the next 12 months,” says Kale.

The first delivery of switchgear has now been made, to the customer’s perfect satisfaction.

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